Why Buy a Variable Speed Pool Pump

During the hot summer months people tend to gravitate to things like swimming pools and air conditioners to dodge the temperature and escape the humidity. Unfortunately, both of these wonderfully summer things that perform so well in cooling you down, also are the largest contributors to your electrical costs going up. Thankfully, many positive improvements have been made in both of these areas as the need for energy efficiency and things that are green have become a focus in today’s modern world.

Variable speed pool pumps have become increasingly more efficient, causing your electricity bill to decrease anywhere from 50% all of the way up to 80%. This is a large relief on both energy consumption and your wallet. Because of the fact that you can now operate your pump at a lower cost, opens up the ability to run it more frequently, helping to develop and maintain clean water. Pool water which is constantly moving (or close to constantly moving) does not grow algae and maintains its quality longer. Water in motion is your friend, while stagnant water is not. Remember the old saying  that “a rolling stone gathers no moss”? This same idea can actually be applied to the water in your pool.

Another way to look at the overall operation and functionality of your pool pump is to consider the alternative to not running it regularly. Inconsistent operation can trigger a need to treat your pool water with more chemicals. The less attention that you pay to pool pump operation, the more your need for chemicals and money spent increases. This really shines a light on the variable speed pump and its ability to get the job done without breaking the bank.

Today’s variable speed pumps are also designed in a way that protect their own internal components. They are designed to be totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) thus helping keep problem causing things like water, and bugs out. Because these pumps are designed like this it allows for the life of the pump to be prolonged three times over, (sometimes even longer). Most variable speed pumps comes with a warranty that is good for at least 3 to 4 years. Some are longer and most are dependent on having a certified technician install them. This is something that your local pool supplies dealer would be able to assist you with.

Pool pumps of days gone by were not designed with minimal electrical usage in mind. They were bigger, they were more expensive to operate, and boy were they louder. Some were even really, really, loud. Modern variable speed pool pumps are quieter, so quiet that you sometimes aren’t even aware they are on as they fade into the background noise and allow you to enjoy the nice weather and your time in the pool.

The variable speed pool pump has three major components. The motor of course, the drive which is bolted on top of the motor, and the controller which is a digital display and sits on top of the drive. Variable speed pumps usually operate between 2.3 and 3.45 horsepower, all have timers that are programmable, many have as many as eight different time slots that allow for a schedule to be created to optimize operation. Normal activities would see the horsepower increase while cleaning chemicals are in cycle, or while the pool is being used. For off-times the speed reverts back to something on the lower end that is pre-set (maybe by the factory) which helps maintain water quality during the season.

Another item to touch on is the ability to control, automate, change, and monitor your pool’s operation directly from your smartphone. If you are gone on a trip, or simply want to stay inside with your feet up, optimal pool operation is only a few a few touches of your phone away.

At E-Z Test Pool Supplies, we have a dedicated team of pool professionals that would be happy to answer any questions that you may have concerning variable speed pool pumps. We can walk you through ideal pump operation, suggest a brand or a price point that would work, as well as speak about automation and how the operation of your pool pump may fit in with automating your entire pool operation. Give us a call today or stop in to one of our 3 retail locations.

Variable Speed Pool Pump

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