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Fiberglass pools live at the intersection of functionality and style. They are modern and sleek, while offering features like: bench seats, bucket seats, sun shelves, flat bottoms, easily accessible stairs, warm and inviting colors, and so much more.

These pool’s smooth gel coats and bright aesthetics are simply unmatched and work to bring a welcoming ambiance to your backyard. A variety of modern shapes and sizes are available to choose from helping to ensure that you get the features you are looking for.

Taking into account all of the available options allows for your backyard oasis to maximize its potential while arriving at the perfect model for you. Our customers love how these pools quickly become the focal point of their outdoor living project.

Owning a fiberglass pool provides unmatched convenience. They offer the luxury of relaxing waters just steps away from your home, allowing for a private retreat or staycation anytime you desire. The next family celebration or neighborhood party is destined to happen at your place!

To initiate the fiberglass pool conversation, contact E-Z Test Pools today and we’ll be sure to reach out promptly.

Fiberglass pool oasis

A Pool For All Backyards

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Our fiberglass team prides itself on customer service, knowledge, and decades of pool industry experience. Your backyard and your swimming pool are extensions of your home, and we are dedicated to making sure your vision becomes a reality. We look at pool installation as only the beginning and want to form a relationship with you that lasts for as long as you own a pool.

E-Z Test Pool Supplies is happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your fiberglass pool decisions! To get started, fill out the form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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