About E-Z Test Pool Supplies

Family-owned since 1989

Family-owned since 1989, E-Z Test Pool Supplies has 3 retail stores in the Southern NH and Metro-Boston area, plus an extensive online store for all things pool related. We are your “go to” for swimming pool purchases and installations, along with maintenance and repairs for both residential and commercial swimming pools and hot tubs.

E-Z Test Pool Supplies was incorporated in 1989 by brothers Dave and Patrick O’Keefe and has been in business for over 30 years. Originally started out of their mother’s home in Lawrence, MA, it was founded as an “at home” water testing business, where pool water quality could be tested in the company van, using a laptop, while saving the customer a trip to the pool store.

Fast forward to today, our business has an online store, 3 retail locations, and the installation and maintenance branch of the company, D&P Pools. We truly believe in “customer first always” which is evident throughout our successful company history. Some of our very first commercial accounts are still with us today, some customers have had pools built at two different homes, and even in some cases we have done three pool liner changes for the same customer. It is safe to say that the business has come miles from where we started.

We are your trusted advisers who bring personalized pool service and products to the forefront. If you give us a chance to earn your business you’ll be glad that you did.

Why Buy from us

E-Z Test Pool Supplies values relationships and we respect people immensely. Owners Dave and Pat are still very much involved in the day-to-day activities and encourage everyone to ask questions. We are a trusted source within the pool and spa industry and we don’t take that for granted.

We involve our customers in every step of the process regardless of the line of business the interaction is taking place in. Purchasing a pool or a spa is something that we look at as a commitment that goes beyond the initial agreement and installation. We view it as the beginning of a very valuable relationship. It’s also been known to happen that one of the business owners will invite prospective pool shoppers over to his own house nearby to showcase the swimming pool, demonstrate any technology, and answer any questions that people may have.

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