Fiberglass Pool – Sirius

The Sirius fiberglass pool model is a rectangular pool that is a perfect shape for an automatic cover. It has measurements that check in at 12’ wide and 24’ long. The Sirius holds 6,700 gallons of water. In the shallow end there’s angled steps offering convenient access to the pool which also works very well with many different styles of patio design. Bench seats are in both ends of the pool so that everyone may partake in some quality lounging. The center of this pool is an ideal spot for a feature like a spillover spa or a tanning ledge.

The Sirius is priced within a range that starts at $37K and goes to $44k. This price includes full installation with crane, pool water, variable speed pump, pool filter, all of the plumbing, a center rail, vacuum hose, brush, test kit and more. Accessories like mood lighting, a heater, water features and more are all available. Contact us today.

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